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We can tell you what makes x-top so innovative and how it can help your patients. Find out about the technology behind this new solution for male urinary incontinence, and how pharmacies can order x-top incontinence products.

Improve your patients’ quality of life

We all know that male urinary incontinence isn’t something patients like to bring up. Men don’t want to talk about loss of bladder control and bladder weakness, even when an uncontrollable bladder is already restricting their lives.

It’s particularly hard for men, as they need to be seen as strong and fit – and they’re not used to dealing with sanitary products every month as women do. They can feel ashamed at losing an ability they learned as a child: control over their bladder. They don’t want anyone to know, and fear that others will notice their condition if they have spots on their trousers or worry that they might smell of urine.

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How to order x-top

x-top for men is available in three different absorbency levels: 1) Light; 2) Medium and 3) Heavy.

Level 1 – PZN number 10758330
Level 2 – PZN number 10758347
Level 3 – PZN number 10758376


* Tested through: Dermatest GmbH, Engelstr. 37, 48143 Münster, report from 07/29/2013; test result “very good”